Internet Dating Glossary for Idiots

With so many singles websites and online dating options, you should find this dating glossary of terms invaluable. This list of online dating definitions is merely compilation of terms that can easily help you identify an internet date from hell before it happens and will allow you to either avoid the date completely or get out while you still have your sanity! Many of you will not recognize the terms we attribute to lousy internet daters, but you will recognize the signs and symptoms!

Avoid Bad Dates

Trust me, you need this online dating glossary. Refer to it any and every time you need to remind yourself that you might possibly have an internet personals fiasco on your hands! Internet Dating and Online Personals sites come packed with warnings, red flags and caveats that would have Mother Theresa running for the hills, but we all don't see them when it's happening to us.

The terms listed below are in progress, and will be completed shortly. For now, this list will help you learn to think with your head rather than your often-misguided heart. I am here to help, so here is a growing list of internet dating terms with links to their definitions. I hope these will help you identify whether or not you should pursue a relationship with your newly discovered online friend or head for the hills!

We are updating this list continually. As the list of dating glossary terms grows, we will post new definitions and discussions of each. For now, you can check out the active links below.

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Dating Glossary for Idiots

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