Dating Tips & Suggestions

If your internet dating adventures haven't gone as planned, then you need these tips. If you've been finding dates online for more than a year, then you need these tips! Do you rush home to check your email to see who has contacted you or replied to you from an internet dating site? If you said yes, then you need this advice!

Invaluable Internet Dating Tips

Let's face it. Nobody is perfect and certainly you aren't. Obviously, your dates aren't either. A little common sense and proper guidance goes a long way in the world of internet dating. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's good and what's bad when it comes to meeting new people or finding true love. Many of us need only the most basic dating advice and suggestions.

Topics here will center a lot around first date scenarios and the early stages of dating a new person. These dating suggestions are intended to increase your success rate in the world of dating and hopefully help you find the person who is right for you.

The darkened boxes below indicate tips that are in progress and will be coming soon.  Please be sure to check back often as we will be updating this list on a continual basis.

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"...he was puking on my floor without a bowl ... the second time I could smell poo in my room..."

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