Internet Dates From Hell & Dating Disaster Stories

...and the real advice you need to avoid them

Dates from hell and the dating advice you need to avoid them

Can you find love on the internet?

Finding true love is possible unless you are habitually hooked on the many nontraditional dating sites such as those for married men and women who cheat, sexual encounters sites, swingers websites or if you are simply out to meet a rich man or woman without a real commitment. The proof can be found here by reading some of the worst date stories you ever heard!  But If it's a rewarding relationship you desire, you have come to the right place.  Take some time to read our internet dating tips guided for spotting the dating losers, serial daters and weirdoes early on, so you can stop wasting your time on con artists, liars and cheaters.

Dating Advice

Internet dating and just dating in general could be disastrous if you are not prepared.  The online personals and blind date stories we have heard over the years are too funny and oftentimes too horrifying to believe.  Internet dating rules the roost when it comes to hookups, relationships and finding a soul mate, Yahoo Personals,, Craigs List, eHarmony,, Singles Net, Lavalife, Christian Singles sites, Jewish Singles dating sites, single parents websites, gay and lesbian dating sites, extramarital affairs sites, mature dating, big girls BBW dating, wealthy men, cheating men, cheating wives, cougar dating, how to attract women and so much more!  There are even date review sites and other interactive dating websites and dating forums such as PUA.

Should I continue?  Hopefully by now, you get the point.  If you have been active in the world of online dating, it is almost inevitable that you will experience, or already have experienced, a really bad date; a date from hell.  Finding true love, or even a suitable love match for that matter doesn't come easy, and internet dating doesn't sometimes makes matters worse!  We will continually post wild dating stories for your reading and learning pleasure!

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"...he was puking on my floor without a bowl ... the second time I could smell poo in my room..."

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Stop Dating Losers!

Tired of meeting losers and going one one bad date after another?  You are not alone!  Check out our online dates from hell stories that may very well be worse than yours! Most importantly, learn how to stop dating losers, improve your percentage of success on dates, and possibly find love that you deserve.  Turn your internet dating nightmares into dating success!

"Finally, a website about singles and internet dating that tells it like it is! Your dating advice is spot on and your recommendations are not only wise, but they are also hilarious! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are single and dating or if you find your dates on the internet, you need this website." - Lisa M, New York

"You know I don't often want to admit how wrong I am about my hopes and dreams for a long lasting relationship. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and I imagine there is nothing wrong with my good will and good nature. But yes, I too have been burned far too many times and your dating tips and humorous, yet factual, advice has really helped to open my eyes" - Gwen C, Florida